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1) What is the monthly fee?
Please refer to our membership fees page at

2) What if I start in the middle of the month can I get a prorated membership?
No, the monthly cost is the same no matter whay time of the month you start classes. If you use the PayPal links they will charge you at the same time each month.

3) What color gi/uniform do I get?
Any color gi is fine.

4) Where do I get a gi/uniform?
You can purchase any jiu jitsu gi you'd like. If you need a recommendation you can purchase one here. 

5) What size gi/uniform do I get?
Each company is different they all have their unique sizing guide so you will need to refer to their sizing guides.  

6) What belt color do I get when I start?
You will start as a white belt. You will need to purchase your own white belt when you start. You can purchase your belt with your uniform. 

7) Can I train without a gi?
Ultimately we are a gi school so you will need to order a gi to attend regular classes. If it is your trial class or if you have ordered a gi yes you can train without a gi.

8) What time are classes?
Please see our class schedule online at:

9) What age kids do you accept?
We accept kids ages 8-15 for kids class. Ages 16 and up can attend adult classes.

10) Where can I find the waiver?
You can use this link to complete the waiver

11) Are there any other fees?
No, the only fee is the monthly membership

12) How do I get promoted?
Promotions are based on attendance, knowledge of the curriculum, and being a good student.

13) Are there contracts?
No, but when you sign up through PayPal it will automatically deduct your payment each month. If you choose to stop training you will need to go into your PayPal account and cancel the recurring payment.

14) Can I cross train at other gyms?
Yes, we encourage you to cross train.

15) Can I put patched on my gi?


* By purchasing the membership through PayPal. PayPal will automatically deduct your membership each month. If you choose to quit Monroe Jiu Jitsu you will have to login to your PayPal account to cancel the automatic payments. If you do not cancel you will continue to be charged and Monroe Jiu Jitsu cannot refund you if you do not cancel.

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