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Women's Self Defense classes every Tuesday night at 5:45pm.

Want to learn to defend yourself while getting fit? Come join us for an hour of self-defense, beginner jiu jitsu. 


No experience needed. Ages 12 and up.

First class is free.

If it is your first class please wear workout attire (leggings and a t-shirt) until you purchase your gi.

What would you do in these situations?

Self defense can't just be practiced one time. It must be drilled regularly to obtain muscle memory and reaction.

In our self defense classes you'll learn how to defend yourself while getting a workout in.

We have an awesome group of women at Monroe Jiu Jitsu that are ready to help and have fun.

Hopefully y
ou never find yourself in a bad situation but if you do we want you to be prepared.

Membership Prices

1 Person $110 per month

2 Person Family $175 per month

3+ Family $250 per month

(More info can be found on the website at

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