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Monroe Jiu Jitsu founder Todd Williams is a Monroe, Michigan native that made his name through distance running. He was a state champion, All American at Monroe High School(1987) before moving onto even greater things where he made two United States Olympic teams in 1992 (Barcelona) and 1996 (Atlanta). After retiring from professional distance running in 2002 he immediately started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense training. After 6000 hours and 8 years of hard work he received his black belt and certifications in self defense from Legendary Coral Belt Luiz Palhares January 22nd 2011. At this point Todd created and began teaching runners, joggers and walkers how to be safer while out exercising. He has conducted over 500 safety workshops in 35 states as well as instructing students in Jacksonville, Florida at the Luiz Palhares Academy. He also had the opportunity to instruct law enforcement as well the National Guard. Todd has trained and learned from some of the best in the world including world champions; Marcelo Garcia, Bernardo Faria, Wellington "Megaton" Dias, Andre Galvao, Saulo Ribeiro, Xande Ribeiro, Augusto Tanquinho, Helio "Soneca" Moreira, Lucas Lepri, Mikey Musumeci, Josh Hinger, and JT Torres. Todd wants Monroe Jiu Jitsu to be a great place to learn a great martial art that can change lives. Todd is a third degree black belt (12 years at black belt) and continues to compete and share his knowledge to his students.



Lindsey is a purple belt. She began her jiu jitsu career learning self defense from Todd in 2013. Lindsey has helped Todd teach self defense through Runsafer (Todd's self defense program for runners). Todd and Lindsey have done over 600 self defense workshops all over the U.S.

Lindsey teaches the women's program and kids classes at MJJ.  



Matt received his black belt under Todd Williams in December of 2022. He started training jiu jitsu in 2003 under Michigan's first black belt, Ryan Forenzi. Matt earned his purple belt from Tyrone Gooden and continued to train through 2010 at West Martial Arts. After taking a break from jiu jitsu Matt picked his training back up when Monroe Jiu Jitsu opened in 2017. Matt's most enjoyable thing about jiu jitsu is the joy of seeing the profound changes it can have with people on and off the mats.  



Jason received his black belt under Todd Williams in January of 2023. He started jiu jitsu in 2004 at a Professor Caique school in Walled Lake. Jason trained for 5 years at various schools in Michigan. Then in 2018 Jason found Monroe Jiu Jitsu and continued his journey with jiu jitsu. He has competed at least once at every belt level but his main focus is expanding his understanding of jiu jitsu through mentoring and coaching. 



Adam is a second degree brown belt. He started training jiu jitsu in 2008. Since then he has trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and Catch Wrestling. Adam has competed at every belt in jiu jitsu. Aside from training and competing in jiu jitsu he has also coached Boxing and MMA in the past, winning national championships in 2015, 2016, and 2017 as the Head Coach for the University of Michigan Women's Boxing Team. Adam teaches No gi as well as advanced classes at MJJ.



Nate is a first degree black belt. He started training in 2009 under Tino Amaya. Nate earned his black belt under Chris Blanke from Toledo Jiu Jitsu Center. Nate has over 10 years experience on the mat competing and teaching. He joined Monroe Jiu Jitsu June of 2022 and will be available for privates as well as teaching our competition classes. 

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