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Time and time again we read headlines about runners, joggers, and walkers being assaulted while out exercising. Runsafer is a program created by Two-Time Olympic Distance Runner and Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Todd Williams. This one hour session will teach you safety techniques and tips to help protect yourself in a dangerous situation.


Todd Williams is a Monroe, Michigan native. Growing up in Monroe Todd made his name through distance running. He was a state champion, All American at Monroe High School(1987) before moving onto even greater things where he made two United States Olympic teams in 1992 (Barcelona) and 1996 (Atlanta).


After retiring from professional distance running in 2002 he immediately started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense training. After 6000 hours and 8 years of hard work he received his black belt and certifications in self defense from Legendary Coral Belt Luiz Palhares January 22nd 2011.

In 2013 Todd started the company Runsafer. He and his wife, Lindsey, traveled the country teaching self defense at running stores, schools, and universities. Todd and Lindsey taught self defense at over 600 workshops and 35 states.


Finally in 2017 Todd opened his own jiu jitsu gym back in his home town of Monroe, Michigan.

If you're interested in booking a self defense seminar at Monroe Jiu Jitsu let us know. We have a large mat space that holds up to 50 people so you can have your realtor group, family, or girls night while learning self defense.

If you're interested in booking a self defense workshop contact us at


An Assault occurs at least once every two minutes. Whether you're a runner, avid athlete, or just enjoy a walk in the park, learn valuable safety tips and ways to escape dangerous situations. Take a look inside the Runsafer video and site to find out more.

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